Civil engineering

Civil engineering covers a wide range of specialized products. In order to help our clients to implement projects, we supply best quality and time-tested products, that meet technical characteristics of the project.

By working together with product suppliers that use newest production technologies we can offer and supply such materials, without those implementation of modern projects is hardly possible.

Civil engineering products can be classified according to the purpose and field of application. Our company focuses on objects and projects of contruction of roads, railways, bridges, viaducts and industrial sites. For construction and recontruction of this kind and similar objects we offer following products: geosynthetics, collected and solid metal culverts, metal and elastomeric thrust bearings for bridges and viaducts, bridge repar mixtures and paint, waterproofing compounds, cement mortar, anti-vibration elastomeric decks for buildings and railway constructions, bitumen band for asphalt concrete covering joints.
More info about products you will find in the description of each product.